Arti Mobil Tuvalet | MOBILE CARAVAN
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It is a special and top of the line service for movie, tv series, commercial and video shooting, fairs, congresses, concerts and all kind of outdoors organizations.

2 seperate entries
2 european toilets, 2 urinals and a washbasin at men’s room
2 european toilets and 2 washbasins at ladies’ room
Climate system
Fresh and waste water tank

The mobile toilet that makes life easier
Mobile Caravan WC for using at your organizations. ( Ask the state of stocks for your organization dates)


  • Men’s and ladies room cabins
  • Two ladies’ rooms, two men’s rooms, two urinals
  • Washbasin
  • Faucets with sensor
  • Two Split airconditioners
  • Cheval glasses
  • 1470 lt. fresh water tank
  • Airplay
  • Comfort usage