Arti Mobil Tuvalet | MOBILE TOILET
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The weight is 80 kg., because of it doesn’t require electricity, water or waste connection, it can be easily set up to anywhere intended. Maintenance of our mobile toilets has been done periodically, so there wouldn’t be faced with hygiene or effluvium problems.
Our Mobile Toilet Cabins have been cleaned by firstly evacuating the waste tank and disinfecting by washing with pressurized water, by sewage vehicle in determined periods with respect to climate conditions and user count. After cleaning, for hygienic protection till next cleaning period, the special chemical water that non-noxious to human health has been used for waste tank.

  • Produced by polyethylene material
  • Dimensions (L-W-H) : 120 cm x120 cm x240 cm
  • 200 lt. waste tank
  • 45 lt. washbasin by foot pump
  • Liquid soap and toilet tissue
  • Ventilation system

Areas of usage:

  • Public spheres
  • Altar areas, Squares, Public gardens, Stops (bus,train etc.), District bazaars, Park and picnic sites, Beachs and coastlines
  • Organizations
  • Festivals, Sports competitions, Oath-taking ceremonies,
  • Graduation ceremonies
  • Construction sites
  • Disaster areas